The question of whether christians are criminals or not

The question is not whether or not we have ideas, opinions, or preexisting points of view the question is whether or not we will allow these perspectives to prevent us from examining the evidence objectively. Update 2: sister of the blue eyes boc: you said, there are many who qualify themselves as christian because when they were kids they went to church with mom and dad i would argue this is the case for the majority of christians, regardless of whether they're in jail or not. By contrast, the question of whether executions discourage criminals from violent acts is not up to the conscience to decide despite extensive research on the question, criminologists have been unable to assemble a strong case that capital punishment deters crime.

The reason that these questions will not shake a christian’s faith is that, both literalists and progressive christians can answer these questions many progressives can even answer them completely honestly, although you won’t get any honest answers on much of anything from a biblical literalist. We need to protect citizens, but we need to protect all citizens — even criminals we forget that crime isn't a product of the environment or lack of education rather crime is a product of a sin-sick heart so the question isn't whether a christian can be a republican (or democrat) the question is whether christians are being.

Luther took up this question in an important treatise, whether soldiers too can be saved the short answer he gives is yes the short answer he gives is yes though as individual christians we must not kill, god certainly has the right to take human life. Many evangelical christians believe that when it comes to wrongdoers (or criminals), whether the lash,. States that have death penalty laws do not have lower crime rates or murder rates than states without such laws and states that have abolished capital punishment show no significant changes in either crime or murder ratesthe death penalty has no deterrent effect. For the former culture editor of world magazine, the better question to ask is whether or not a particular line of work is in fact a calling or vocation from god at all, with some professions obviously morally problematic like that of con artists, criminals, drug dealers, and etc.

Also, in a court of law, if you know about a crime that is about to be committed, and don’t try to report or prevent it, you’re considered an accessory to that crime that would mean that god, and jesus, who know everything that is about to happen, are accessories to every child-murder, rape or kidnapping that happens anywhere on the planet. The german theologian peter meinhold explained: “while the new testament is silent on the question whether christians may or may not be soldiers and whether they must resign from the army when they become christians, the old church took a stand in the issue.

The question of whether christians are criminals or not

Whether the lash, or exile from one's homeland, or a stretch on the rack, or exposure to public shame (the scarlet letter), or confinement in jail—or even the noose—punishment is expected.

  • At issue in christian considerations of the death penalty is whether the state has the obligation to punish criminals and defend its citizens st paul, an early christian evangelist, wrote in his letter to the romans that a ruler acts as “an avenger who carries out god’s wrath on the wrongdoer” the middle ages in europe saw thousands of murderers, witches and heretics put to death.
  • The question or objection i won't answer again for christians first, i'll put out this disclaimer: i love and value all my christian brothers and sisters this article does not apply to new christians.

The question of whether or not christians should forgive conditionally or unconditionally is one of the first that comes up when unpacking forgiveness. Many evangelical christians believe that when it comes to wrongdoers (or criminals), the state's first task is to make them suffer for the wrong they have done.

the question of whether christians are criminals or not The british government has refused to say whether telling people about the christian faith could be a hate crime lord pearson of rannoch, a ukip peer, says when he raised a question on the issue on the house of lords, the government failed to state clearly whether christians cannot be prosecuted just for stating their beliefs.
The question of whether christians are criminals or not
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